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Equigroomer - Pet De-shedding Brush (Pre-Order)

Equigroomer - Pet De-shedding Brush (Pre-Order)

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Groomer recommended pet brush! As seen on GirlWithTheDogs on YouTube

SPECIAL PRE-ORDER IN SUPPORT OF THE OTTAWA STRAY CAT RESCUE - all proceeds from this pre-order are going directly to OSCatR. 

The 5-inch EasyGroomer is perfect for dogs, cats and other small pets. It gently removes loose hair, dirt and dander on all parts of your pet’s body, including their legs and bellies. The EasyGroomer’s blade is especially useful for sensitive-skinned animals, too. Tiny barbs on the end of every tooth grab dead, scaly hair and pull it out from the ends rather than digging down into the coat and potentially scratching sensitive skin. Because of the blade’s unique design, many pets actually find the grooming process very relaxing and enjoyable. Cats especially appreciate the EasyGroomer because the blade actually mimics a cat’s tongue.

Regular use with the EasyGroomer will produce a coat that’s soft, shiny and smooth. Not only will you be removing loose hair but also the dirt and dander that can dry out both the coat and the skin. Each time you groom, you help bring up the natural oils in their skin and enrich the coat. This is especially important for those animals that are bathed regularly or during the dry, winter months.

Best of all, you’ll be turning grooming time into quality time which you and your pets will both appreciate.


In person pick-ups to be scheduled upon conclusion of pre-order and receipt of products from supplier. 


Note: this video demonstrates the equigroomer and the reviewer states that she uses it on her cats outside. At OSCatR, we always recommend for kitties to stay indoors to ensure they are safe and off the streets - as such grooming outdoors is not recommended. 

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